Saturday, July 15, 2006


It is strange, but I can't upload animated GIFs as usual. This Blog makes *.PNGs of them. ( --)//~
I have nothing against PNG format, but it seems, that nobody knows how to make them animated. <^_^; I have to post my images on imageshark. Ok. Let's post. Here are two short animations. Just two rough sketches I made.
1. One of the Cpt. Pofiger's soldiers. We wanted to make an animated film about them in 1992. We had an old 2x8mm camera (colour but no sound), because using video was not cool. Since we have a LOT of pictures, there is no film till now. But may be I'll make something later.

2. I think, I saw to many samurai films (films and animes) last time. I also saw "Yojimbo". (((o(^¡^")o))) Finally! It is simple genius! Now I'm looking for "Hidden fortress". Last time I saw this film, there were no translation at all! It's pity but: w(^o^)W oo—Watashi Nihongo Hanase mase--n. I mean, it must be translated. So I wanted to make some Samurai fight. Here are some frames from the starting sequence. May be I'll make more later.



Anonymous Vend Kassiga said...

The soldier and the samurai are so kawaii ^.^ good job!

Concerning animated PNGs, look here:

17 July, 2006 11:54  
Blogger yarooze said...

Thanks a lot. I'll try making some APNGs/ANGs later. Since I know now how... (^.^)

17 July, 2006 23:08  

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