Friday, September 26, 2008

My home made MIDIs.

This time, I have no pictures to post. This post is about music.
d('-')b d(-_-)b d('-')b d(-_-)b d('-')b <-- it's me hearing "uts-uts-uts"
I made a couple of tunes in the last years, so I can proudly (or not) present some of them. Here they are:

1. The Basement theme. - this is a part of sound trek from my game NecroQuest. I wanted to make something enigmatic and a bit dark.
2. Hurry! - from the same game.
3. Tribal Drums theme - I made for BaRoN's game "Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow". You can download this brilliant game from his page
4. Clone Lord Walz. from the same game. This tune isn't really my music, but I found the changes I made amusing. I think they fit to the game. More...

Some words about music making software:

Most of all I use Tabledit. It is very handy if you play guitar. You can use notes, keyboard or tabulature but unfortunately not paino roll. This program is not free but isn't very exspencive. You can download a free demo version to try it. I've got it from my wife on my birthday and I'm happy. (^.^)

I also tried AnvilStudio. This software hase some advantages against TablEdit (for example you can add voice to your music and use piano roll) and it is free but has no tabulature. Just try it, it is good.

If you have money, you can buy FL Studio. It is worth it! If you are not rich - download a demo version and try it. If you like it, try this one: LMMS. ('°,°)

If you like techno, don't want to learn anything about music and like to remix instead of compose, try Magix Music Maker. It is good, simple and not really exspencive.

PS. I'm also looking for a good free hosting service for MIDI or mp3 files. Please let me know, if you found it.

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