Saturday, February 10, 2007

Necroquest. Part One: The Inheritance.

Another adventure game from me... ;)

Tom's new homeTom (boy 17 y.o.) has to success his grandfather’s business, who was a necromancer in Transsyberia (my very own weird founded land). His Grandfather is dead now and another evil necromancer attempts to take over his business. Help Tom to fight back the bad guys, get their girls and become the real necromancer!

He even has a succubus in his cellar (if it ends good?).Part one will be rather short game (about 7 screens). May be I'll make more parts later...

Development Status (09 april 2007):

Story: 80%
Backgrounds: 85%
Characters: 41%
Puzzles: 35%
Sound: 0%
Music: 10%

The game will be finished: (I hope) summer 2007.

For more information see Production thread


- AGS game engine
- 320*240
- My very own lo-res graphic
- many round headed characters
- some lo-res erotic and violence (this game is not for kids. Sorry...)
- some black (but not only) humor
- weird (but hopefully interest) story
- weird world
- some bonus stuff...



Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

I like the fish eye lens look to that top pic !! Very nice work !!

16 April, 2007 16:39  

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