Saturday, March 14, 2009

High elven standard bearer. There are not enough girls in the high elven army. (^_^)

After I assembled some new GW high elves, I still had spare parts. They were not enough to make the whole figure so I had to finish the model with green stuf.
I took the feet, head, dagger from the mage plastic kit, and arms & banner from the general plastic kit. Then I made the wire skeleton and put some green stuff on it. Et voilà!

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Blogger Jakerpot said...

Good work! ^^
I alreay tried to sculpt minis, but i dont have skills... Iám pretty good at drawing but i just cant sculpt "/

I wanted to create a D&D miniature size miniature, 5cm. Do you have any tips for me? U know, how the make the 'skeleton', details...
Here in Brazil we don't have greenstuff, just durepoxi.
Keep up the nice work! ^^

12 July, 2009 08:11  
Blogger yarooze said...

If you can draw, you'll learn how to sculpt pretty fast. Just start to... (^_^)

As for tips, I don't know where to start. May be I'll write some posts about "how I did this or that". But there are many good tutorials in the Internet and I don't want to write the same stuff just once more. (^_^)

My awefull english also isn't very helpful in tutoring. (T_T)

You can find much in this yahoo group:
Join it and look through the archives. You'll find a lot of useful stuff there.

Also try this page. There are some hints and very useful books there:

12 July, 2009 21:27  
Blogger Jakerpot said...

my english isn't the best too *-*

Thanks for the links, i'm sure that they will be very usefull!

15 July, 2009 23:15  

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