Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Computer Games

There was a time, we hadn't any computer games at all. 8-o There were some gaming machines in the toy stores and cinemas. Just drop a coin and you can shoot some ducks or sink some ships. Usually without computer graphics - mechanic only. About 1987 I've played my first real computer game. It was Digger. I played it on an computer exhibition on some kind of IBM PC-XT. Nothing spectacular but even now I remember: arrow keys to move, F1 - to shoot. :)
Since I hadn't any computer at home, I couldn't try to make my own games. But I've got my calculator! It had the possibility to make 105 steps long programs, but no graphic screen. The screen looks so: [88888888,88] and if you make a game, you have to imagine your graphics, since you've get only the numbers, or make something like that: [-3-1-,-8,__]. 3 is the enemy, 1 is the door and 8 is the hero. Cool, doesn't it... :)
After that I had my ZX-Spectrum. It was cool! Thank you Sir Clive Sinclair! Together with my friends I made some games. For example "Monopoly". The games were sometimes lame, but we had our fun. :) We were also making RPG game about the Wizard of Oz. The picture right is not a screenshot but it was something like that. If I'll find our sketches, I'll show more later.
Then comes PC. I don't know why but our group didn't even start to make a game for PC. We had some ideas, we made some sketches, we spoke about making a game but we didn't make any. Instead of this we were making our own Pen&Paper RPG and tabletop wargames. But now, more than than ten years later, we are started to make a game. It is a mix of RPG and adventure game. We are using AGS engine, so it will be 2d graphic. The theme is "The White Company". I'll tell more about it later... :)



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