Sunday, June 28, 2009

NecroQuest merchandising thread go!
How 2d characters go 3d. (^_^)

The idea is to make all characters from my NecroQuest game. I started with the succubus Tzuko. In the game Tom finds her in his basement in the middle of a summoning pentagram. She waited there a couple of month already. After she saw Tom, she tried everything from seducing him til ordering him to free her. So I gave her kinda angry pose.

I used few modeling putties to make her (mostly FIMO and green stuff) and then cast her in resin. Now everyone can get this figure (and later other characters) from Alionas online store.

As you know, Yarooze games are freeware. By buying this figure, you not only get a figurine to place it on your PC monitor, but also help me making more games. (bla-bla-bla, more propaganda for me...) (^_^)

I'll make more figurines later. If you wish your favorite character will be made next, just drop me a line. I'll try to notice your wishes. But it depends of my free time and of how successful this figure will be.

Click here for more pictures... Beware of nudity! (^_^)

2d Tzuko <-> 3d Tzuko

Tzuko on the NecroQuest Poster

Unpainted Tzuko.

I also made special base for her. (^_^)b

Size comparison. She is about 10 cm high.

"Free me! Right now!" (^_^)

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