Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More "The White Company" pixel art

Here are some characters, that I allready made for the game. At first - Robin. (Press his picture to see more) He will be the first player character in the game, so I made the 4 views and the walking animation for him allready. So I have enough views for a demo game. Now I have to make more highlander willagers...

Nifirtist. I do not really need her sprite right now, but I just wanted to make something girly. I am working on the chapter 1 right now and you can see her first time in the Chapter 4 , when she uses some magic against the enemies. I think, I shall animate her later... ^.^

And of course Sir Nigel. I have a great task for him at the end of the charter one and he needs a lot of animations, 'course he has to fight the monster...

That's all at first. I hope, you like them... ^_^

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