Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Silent Hill 2 Game Boy OST

As you already know, the Silent Hill 2 for Game Boy was released in 2009 (see my post about it). The game has some kind of a cult status now and is one of the most wanted games of the SH series.

The soundtrack was released a couple of months later, but was instantly sold out. At first it was still possible to get the CD on the Amazon (it was quite expensive), but I wasn't lucky enough to get my copy.

But yesterday Ilthanar found this disc at the local discouter for 7.99!!! Amazing!

There are overall 5 Game-Boy-quality tracks on the disc:

01 - Theme Of Laura
02 - Promise (Reprise)
03 - True
04 - Theme Of Laura (Reprise)
05 - Promise

Listen all tracks on youtube.

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