Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Besieged. Or how to get out of a castle...
...without being catapulted.

Together with BaRoN we are making new adventure game...

BesiegedThe King has been besieged for weeks in his castle, and the garrison doesn't have a rat left to eat. In desperation, a plan is hatched to launch a hero over the enemy lines -by catapult! -to try and get help. Of course everybody shirks the task off onto someone lower down the medieval hierarchy, and the buck stops at the lowly Dung Shoveler. Now the Dung Shoveler must break the siege, or be catapulted!

will be finished: November 2008

See the teaser here:
Teaser on YouTube

For more information see Production thread


- AGS game engine
- resolution: 320x240
- length: short game
- theme: medieval adventure
- violence: medieval level
- Low-res nudity: this time very limited.

animations: 95%
backgrounds: 100%
plot: 100%
puzzles: 95%
music: Funkmast will honestly make the cool medieval music

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